Best Windows Emulators for Mac – Use Windows OS on a Mac

Owning a mac in a way means that you need to choose your battles. Since the operating system does not allow many Windows apps to run on the device, most people are always on the lookout for reliable emulators which can be used as alternatives. So, we bring for you a curated list of some of the best emulators for the same purpose-

  • WineBottler- Begin with the basics is what you should believe in while looking for emulators. Well, to be honest, this is not an emulator but provides you with a quick way to run a windows application on your Mac device. Using the software is quite easy as all you need to do is install it and from a list, pick a program. The software will automatically download and install it for you. However, the only catch is that it cannot run more than one or two programs at a time and does not support all the programs.


  • Boot Camp- yet another great tool for running windows applications on your Mac is the Boot Camp. The app, once installed, lets you run the entire windows setup on your Mac. The key, however, is to get an original version of the windows from the official website. Once you have installed windows, the tool presents you with the option to turn on your device with windows os or mac.

Boot Camp

  • Parallels desktop- one of the most flexible and highly renowned windows emulator for mac, parallels allows you to run multiple operating systems apart from the windows in guest mode. You will have to buy the desktop version of the software for basic needs and for more advanced options, do look for parallel pro and business editions of the software. The tool includes multiple features like audio and recording and downloading options, drive clean up options, screencast, file archive, etc.

Parallels Desktop

  • Virtual box- well, if parallels seem like an expensive affair to you and you wish to have an emulator for basic gaming, etc., then the virtual box is one of the most promising alternatives for you. There are a variety of reasons for using VB. Apart from the fact that it helps you to run Windows, Linux, and other OS on your Mac, it enables perfect synchronization between the operating system and the hardware to ensure smooth functioning of the windows os on mac.

Virtual Box

  • Windows emulator: CrossOver- most people require emulators for playing windows only games on their mac. If you are one of them, then CrossOver would be a smart choice for you. You shall not have to make any changes in your existing operating system since it works similar to how WineBottler. Since it is a paid software, you will have to purchase the license before putting it to use. It can be preferred for using applications like lightroom, DirectX, and games like counter-strike, StarCraft, etc.
  • Citrix XenApp- a cool application that lets the users run any windows related application on Mac. The apps that you download are all saved in the database of the application and from there, they can be accessed at any given point of time. What more? You can access the app even when you are offline which means it is not dependent on the availability of data. This app can be used not just to download windows app but can be used for any device in general.

Before you get all jittery and excited, do take note to create a backup of all your files in case you are trying the emulator for the first time on your mac. This will save you from losing your data in case things go downhill.


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