Step By Step Guide to Fix Discord Mic Not Working Issue

I use Discord a lot more than Skype for game chats. I loved it until recently when the mic stopped working.

You know Discord is quite data-efficient, and the audio transmission is impressive. Immediately, I went to Chrome and searched “discord mic not working.” To my surprise, someone had written a solution for that. I applied a simple trick, and it worked. Surprisingly, there are multiple solutions.

If your Discord mic stops working, let me show you what to do, right away.

1. Resetting discord voice settings

  • First, open Discord
  • Secondly, navigate down to the settings icon(gear icon). Then click( A window opens)
Discord User Interface-Settings icon

Click settings icon

  • Thirdly, click Voice& Video on the menu on your left and scroll down that page
  • Here, you will see the RESET SETTINGS button. Click on it. (A confirmation page pops-up)
Discord Settings Tab

Click Voice& Video, then scroll down, Click RESET SETTINGS

  • Finally, click OK( In case you had made any changes to settings, they will reset)

Now check whether the mic is working by sending a message. If not then, let’s change input and output devices.

2. Changing input and output devices

Sometimes Discord fails to work when there is a mixup with the output devices. Here’s how we can fix the issue:

  • First, open Discord and navigate to the settings icon at the bottom of your screen ( As in above  steps 1,2, 3)
  • Secondly, on the menu on your left, select the Voice& Video tab ( At the top you will see voice settings)
  • Then, navigate to the Input Device and select your preferred one from the drop-down. Do the same for your Output Device.
Discord Voice Settings Tab

Change the device under Input Device and Output Device

  • Now, just below that, click the Let’s Check button to see whether the mic is working.

As you check the mic, ensure that the input volume is full.

  • Lastly, disable INPUT SENSITIVITY, slide the cursor to your left to and recheck your mic.

However, if this does not work, stay put, but now let’s do these next steps.

  • First, go to your taskbar and to right-click the sound icon, select Sound.
  • On your right, select the Sound Control Panel.
  • Here, go to the Recording tab and check whether the input device working is what you prefer.
  • Select a different device, and right-click it.
  • Now, select Enable, then click OK at the bottom to apply this change.

This may work, go to Discord and check the mic works. But that’s not all if the mic still has issues. Let’s try something else.

3. Allow Discord to Use Your Microphone

The mic may not work if on PC microphone is not allowed. So what do you do?

  • Foremost, go to your Windows Settings
  • Then, click privacy and navigate to App permissions
  • Now, click microphone ( a tab opens)
  • Lastly, navigate to “Allow apps to access your microphone” and turn the button on.

Discord mic should work at this point. Nevertheless, if it doesn’t, then let’s move to this next solution.

4. Log Out and Restart Discord

This is a simple approach. Here’s how we can do it:

  • First, let’s navigate the bottom of Discord and click the settings icon (User Settings page opens)
Discord User Interface-Settings icon

Click settings icon

  • Then, scroll down the menu on your left until you reach the red Log Out tab and click it
Discord Settings Window-Log Out button

Click Voice& Video, then scroll down and click Log Out

  • Lastly, restart Discord and login with your details

This approach could get your mic back on, but that’s not all. You could also resort to this other option.

5. Turn on Push to Talk on Discord

Occasionally your input mode could be set as Voice Activity. You can fix the mic problem by switching to Push to Talk. How?

  • First, go to settings on Discord( As step one in above solution)
  • Secondly, click the Voice&Video Settings tab on the menu on the left.
  • Then, scroll down on that page until you are at the Input Mode section.
Discord Settings Tab-Input Mode section

Navigate to Input Mode under Voice&Video, click Push to Talk

  • Here, select Push to Talk. (You need to set a key on your keyboard that when pressed mike goes on)
  • Then, enter your preferred key under SHORTCUT, then select Stop Recording once the key is set.
Discord Settings-Push to Talk

Type preferred key under SHORTCUT, then click Stop Recording

Now any time you wish to discord with someone, all you need to do is press the key. That’s all.

Game chatting is pretty common these days and makes gaming exciting. Discord allows you to communicate with a fellow gamer more efficiently. In case your mic has issues, the above approach could come in handy.

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