How to Record Screen on macOS

Are you watching a film on your macOS device, and there’s a part you want to record to share with your friends? Or do you want to make tutorials about various Mac operations? However, the only limiting factor is that you don’t know how to record screen on macOS.

If that is the case, don’t worry, I’ve got you covered. As in this article, you will learn various ways on how to record screen on Mac.

Let’s start.

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2 Ways to Record the Screen on your macOS

Use Shift + Command + 5

For those using macOS Mojave and above pressing Shift + Command + 5 is the quick and easiest method of recording tutorials or films on Mac.

With this method, you can either record a portion. Or an entire screen.

NB: These keys will open the screenshot window. But down on the window, there’s a control bar, which gives options to either record the entire or a portion of the screen.

Record the Entire Screen

On the control bar, there are various options. Read these steps to learn how to record an entire screen on macOS.

Control bar on macOS

Control bar

  • On the control, bar click this tool  
  • The pointer will change to camera

Note: Go to Options to set things like Timer, Microphone, or Save to.



  • Click Record to begin recording your screen.
  • When done, select this sign . Otherwise, you can press Command + Control + Esc

Record a Portion of your Screen

In case applications are running on your screen or you don’t want some information to be seen. You can record a portion of your screen.

Here is how you do it.

  • Click this sign Record portion of the screen on macOS on the control bar
  • Then drag the recording window to the specific area of the screen to be recorded
  • Tap on Record to start the process
  • Click the stop sign Stop on macOS screen recorder when done. Also, you can use these keys (Command + Control + Esc) simultaneously

When you are done recording, a thumbnail will appear on the bottom right of your screen. If you don’t want to do anything, swipe it to the record or don’t do anything, and it will be saved.

However, if you want to trim or record, click the thumbnail to open the recording.

Use QuickTime

Another way to record the screen on Mac there’s another method. It is also an alternative for those who don’t have macOS Mojave or the latest version of Mac.

To use QuickTime, here are the steps.

  • Open the Applications folder and click QuickTime Player to launch it
  • Select New Screen Recording
  • A window will appear known as Screen Recording
Screen Recording on macOS

Screen Recording

Note: Change the settings before you start recording. To do that, click the arrow next to the record button .

  • When done choosing your preferred settings, its time to start recording.
  • Tap this button to initiate recording
  • Select the stop button or use Command + Control + Esc to stop recording

When the recording is done, QuickTime will open it automatically. Hence, you can choose to either play, share, or edit.

Third-Party Tools to Use to Record Screen on macOS

Besides the native Mac methods, you can download and install third-party software and use it to record your Mac’s screen.

So, here are the best tools you can use for macOS devices.

Filmora Scrn

  • Whether it’s a video on YouTube, playing an online game, or creating a tutorial Filmora Scrn is a tool you should use to record screen on Mac.
  • It has in-built editing video tools that make it easy for users.


  • To use this tool, you will have to pay. Nonetheless, it easy to use and has great features.


  • Go to the App Store and purchase this tool. Other than the screen record, you can take screenshots. The best thing about Capto is that it records with a 4K resolution.


  • OBS is a free screen recording tool. Even though it’s free, it has premium features to record a screen and live stream.


The screen record on Mac is now accessible. No need to struggle or pay to learn. Here is all you need to know about recording a screen on a Mac device. In case you find difficulties using these methods, please reach us by leaving a comment.

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