How to Scan and Get Rid of Virus on a Mac

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Today I will be informing you about the steps on how to scan and remove a virus on Mac. These steps are to optimise and speed up your Mac.

Therefore, if your macOS PC is infected with a virus don’t tense as there are simple ways to remove. Also, you will learn how to scan for files that might crash your PC.

Continue reading this guide to learn as the steps are free.

Do Mac PCs Get Infected with Viruses?

Many users have been asking if a macOS PC can get infected with a virus. Yes, they do, but the chance of it having a malware is low.

How to Know Mac is Infected

The following are things that will show you that your computer has a virus.

  • PC is running slowly
  • Too many Pop-ups and ads

Thus, when you notice these two things download and install a virus scanner.

Ways of Scanning and Removing Viruses from Mac

Before you scan for viruses using third-party software, you need to ensure that you check and repair any disk problems.

Follow these steps to check for disk problems on Mac.

  • Open Finder and click on GoScroll down and select Utilities
  • Then open Disk Utility
  • Select the disk(s) and click on First Aid
  • Tap on Run

NB: Before continuing with this process make sure you close all apps and processes/

  • Click Continue to check if the disk has any issues.

You will be notified if the disk has any problems or it doesn’t. Click on Done if the drive has no issues.

Now its time to check for virus, malware, adware, and spyware on Mac.

How to Scan for Virus on macOS

There are various tools you can install and use to scan for virus and other types of malware on a macOS PC. They include;

  • Sophos
  • Avira
  • AVG
  • Avast
  • Malwarebytes

NB: Download and install one antivirus software. Installing more than one antivirus may affect the functionality of your PC.

Let me show you how to use one antivirus at a time.

Scan and Remove Viruses Using Sophos Antivirus

  • Go to Sophos and download Sophos Home Free and click Download Now.
  • You can also download the premium version of Sophos antivirus.
Sophos Antivirus for Mac
Sophos Antivirus
  • After the download double-click the Sophos setup.
Sophos Installer
Sophos Installer
  • Then click Open when the security notification pops-up.
  • The installation window will open, click Continue to finish the installation
  • Enter your Mac’s password or pin and select OK to go on
  • Close the window when the installation process is successful
Sophos installing on Mac

When it is done open Sophos Antivirus and choose the free version. Don’t enter your email address.

Then on the top left of your Mac click on Sophos and select check for updates. If it is up to date, go back Sophos and tap on Scan.

The process will run for a few minutes depending on file size, and you will receive a scan report when it’s complete.

When there are viruses are found on Mac. Go to Open Quarantine Manager to delete them.

Next select Detected Threat or PUA to remove the threats by tapping Cleanup.

NB: The other antivirus tools for Mac are similar and follow the same installation process.

How to Avoid Virus Attack on Mac

Many things lead to virus infection on Mac. The way you browse, the files you download, and app you install are significant factors of virus infection on macOS PCs.

Make sure you avoid visiting untrustworthy websites, downloading files from unknown websites, or installing software from an unidentified developer.

Another thing you should know is that always update your macOS version. It will help you avoid such attacks.

Final Verdict

Install antivirus software and periodically scan your Mac to avoid virus threats. They may slow down the speed, but your data may be stolen by hackers too. Make security your first choice to safeguard your Mac from virus threats.

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