How to Transfer Contacts from iOS to Android

Did you purchase an Android device, but your previous gadget was an iOS? Then the first thing you want to transfer is your contacts. So, how do you transfer all your contacts with one click from iOS to Android?

There are very many methods you can use. So, in this guide, you will learn all these ways.

4 Methods of Transferring Contacts from iOS to Android

To save on time and energy, use one of the methods below.

Transfer Contacts Using iCloud

According to my analysis, this is the simplest way to transfer your contacts from iOS to Android. To know how to execute this method, use these steps.

  • On your iOS device go to Settings>iCloud>Contacts
  • Sync all your contacts on iCloud
  • After your contacts are synced on iCloud
  • Go to your browser and sign in to your iCloud account (Use your Apple ID)
iCloud Sign in

iCloud Sign in

  • Click on Contacts, and you will see all the synced contacts from the iOS gadget.
  • Select all the contacts and click on the Settings icon (bottom left of your screen)
  • Choose Export vCard ( They will be saved as VCF file)
  • Still, on your browser, log in to your Gmail account (the one you are using on the Android device) and select Contacts. Or log in to Google Contacts.
  • On the sidebar, click on Import.
Import Contacts from iOS to Android


  • Select the VCF file, and all the contacts will be imported to your Google account.

Now you can access the contacts using your Android device.

Transfer Contacts Using iTunes

The next method is for those who are well-versed with iTunes. Also, new iTunes users can make use of this technique.

Make sure you follow each step carefully.

  • Open iTunes and connect your iOS device using a USB cable.
  • Choose the iOS device and on the sidebar, scroll down and click on Info.
  • Check the box beside Sync Contacts with and select Windows Contact (Ensure you select All Contacts)
  • On the bottom right side of the window click Sync
  • When the Sync process is complete disconnect the iOS device

Note: To perform this method, you need to use a Windows PC. Download iTunes from the Microsoft Store and sign in using your device’s Apple ID.

  • Open File Explorer>Local Disk (C)>Users>Administrator>Contacts
  • Your Contacts will appear select and click Export to choose the location where they will be saved

Note: You can either connect your Android device to copy the contacts directly or use Google Contacts to import the VCF file. 

Email Contacts from iOS to Android

Have you ever sent or received an email? It is always fast. For your information, you can use the same method to send contacts from iOS to Android. All you need is to follow these easy steps.

  • Open your iOS device and launch the Contacts application.
  • Choose the number of contacts you want to transfer and click Share Contact.
  • Click Mail from the options
  • Then click the plus sign (+) to choose your email ID.
  • Lastly, click Send

NB: Make sure the email address should be signed in your Android device.

  • Now download the VCF file and add to your contacts.

Use Dr. Fone – Phone Transfer

Download Dr. Fone – Phone Transfer for Mac or Windows to use this technique. Install the tool and use the following steps to transfer contacts from an iOS to an Android device.

  • Launch Dr. Fone – Phone Transfer
  • Connect both devices (iOS and Android) using their USB cables

NB: Make sure that the iOS device is the source, whereas the Android device is the destination. Click Flip to swap their positions.

  • Now select Contacts and click Start Transfer
Start Transfer

Start Transfer

  • Be patient for some minutes and the process will be done
  • A notification will pop-up informing you that the transfer of contacts is complete
Transfer of Contacts from iOS to Android using Dr. Fone is done



The days that you had to copy contacts one by one from a device to another are over. Now there are simple ways you can use to quickly and safely transfer contacts between iOS and Android devices.

These are all the working ways. Choose one and transfer contacts from iOS to Android fast.

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