6 Best Browser for iOS in 2020

Since January 2003, Safari has been the default browser for iOS. But is it the only Browser you can use on your iPhone or iPad? No, there are many other browsers that you can download and install on your iOS device.

However, out of all these browsers for iOS, not all perform as desired. That’s why, in this piece, you will get to learn about top iOS browsers.

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Top Browser for iOS

Here you will get to learn about the features of these browsers.

Google Chrome

Browser for iOS: Google Chrome

Google Chrome

For a secure, fast, and simple browsing time, you need to use Google Chrome. It is free for download in the App Store.


  • Autofill forms and Passwords – With Chrome, you don’t need to remember your passwords as you can save them on the Browser. Additionally, you don’t need to fill out forms every time as you can collect your information.
  • Manage Tabs – You can open as many tabs as you want.
  • Voice Search – No need to type searches every time. Use Google voice search to find answers quickly.
  • Articles for You – Google Chrome provides you with the latest trending blogs and articles on various niches.
  • Privacy – Using the incognito mode, you can Browser privately.

To enjoy these features, you must sign in using your Google Account details.

Opera Touch Web Browser

Opera Touch Web Browser

Opera Touch Web Browser

Browsing using Opera Touch is safe, fast, and easy to use. It has a user-friendly interface to make your Browsing captivating. Red Dot awarded this Browser for having the best user interface.


  • Safe Browsing – the Browser uses the latest technology to ensure your browsing history is private.
  • Native Ad Blocker – Ads are daunting; that’s why Opera Touch has an in-built ad blocker that helps you browse fast.

Using this web browser, you don’t need to have an account.

Mozilla Firefox

Mozilla Firefox


Currently, millions of iOS users prefer Mozilla Firefox. The interface is user-friendly and has quick shortcuts to help you search faster.


  • Smart Search Bar – Firefox has the smart search bar to help users access the websites they visit most.
  • Private Browsing – The Browser understands users’ privacy; hence it has ad blocker and enhanced tracking protection to prevent tracking as you browse.
  • Browse from Anywhere – You can log in and sync all your information, such as bookmarks, logins, and history. Hence, you can access all these on other devices such as PC or tablet.
  • Organize Tabs – You can open numerous tabs.

To get all these, ensure you create a Firefox account.

Brave Private Web Browser

Brave Browser for iOS

Brave Web Browser

Security, speed, and battery-saving are some of the features that Brave offers to iOS users.


  • Ad and Pop up Blocker – The Browser has an in-built ad blocker to prevent you from disturbing pop-ups and advertisements as you browse.
  • Battery and Data Saver – With Brave, be sure that your device’s battery won’t drain fast. Furthermore, it saves data too.
  • Tracking Protection – Users want privacy as they use a web browser. That’s what Brave gives you as it has tracking protection.
  • Secure Browsing – Brave only opens secure sites (HTTPS) to keep your information safe from cybercriminals.

This application is free and can be accessed in different languages.

Dolphin Browser for iOS

MoboTab Inc developed Dolphin, which is another web browser for iOS. Open App Store and search for Dolphin Browser to download and install it today. Currently, it has more than 150 million active users globally.


  • Speed Dial – Open your websites on one tap
  • Dolphin Sonar – The feature enables you to shake your phone to search, share, or navigate through telling the Browser what it should perform.

Other features include;

  • Tabbed Browsing
  • One-tap share
  • Sync

Yandex Browser

Browsing using a public wi-fi is dangerous, and hackers can access your device and steal your personal information. However, with Yandex, you can browse using a public wi-fi without worry. It protects you from fraudulent web pages or links.

Furthermore, you get stories, news, and videos of your choice according to your preferred topics. Also, using Yandex minimizes the amount of data you use while browsing.

It has numerous themes that you can set as your background image. Thus, go to the App Store and download Yandex.


All these iOS browsers are suitable for use. But before you download one, make sure you research, and it is in line with your preferences. So, don’t get glued using Safari. You can also download other browsers on your iOS device.

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