6 Best iOS Music Apps For iPhones & iPads

Music streaming has been on the rise, and millions of iOS users love listening to music. To listen to music, you require the best music application.

For your information, there are many iOS music streaming apps. But do they have the features you want? Listeners require to use apps that provide different types of music.

However, some of these applications require a user to subscribe to a plan to stream music while others are free.

Have you been searching for the best music streaming application for the iPhone or iPad apart from Apple Music? Here is a complete list of top iOS music streaming services.

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Deezer for iOS

Listen to over 56 million global songs right on your iPhone or iPad using Deezer. With shuffle mode, you can discover new songs. There are default music playlists or create your playlist and stream music you love.

 “Favorites” is a feature that enables you to create a music collection of the songs you like only by tapping the heart (♥) symbol. Another feature that makes this app unique is called “Deezer Flow.”

It enables users to enjoy a good flow of music they love by selecting songs that relate. Subscribe to a premium plan to get the following features.

  • Superior sound quality
  • No ads
  • Offline mode
  • Unlimited skips


Spotify for iOS

It is a famous music streaming service worldwide. It has music from artists from different countries.

With this application, you can also listen to podcasts. There are two plans the premium and free subscription.

The free plan enables you to listen to music and podcasts, but you need to have an internet connection. The premium plan allows users to download music and listen while offline, the music sound is high-quality, and there are no ads.



Discovering new music is what music lovers want, and that’s what SoundCloud provides to you. It has over 200 million songs. SoundCloud has genres of music, such as classic, RnB, Hip Hop, and many others.

There are three plans users can subscribe to. The SoundCloud free, Go, and Go+. SoundCloud free enables users to listen to more than 120 million songs. Also, you can interact with other users and get to share music playlists.

SoundCloud Go you with the best and uninterrupted music time. Furthermore, you can save music and listen to it when you are offline.

If you select SoundCloud Go+, you can listen to premium go+ songs and save to listen when offline. SoundCloud Go and Go+ cost $6 and $13, respectively.


Tidal music app

The music industry has transformed, and listeners want to stream music without any interruption. To make that a reality, Tidal has come to the aid of all music lovers.

Jay Z and other prominent music artists are the owners of Tidal. The app gives users a superb listening experience s it has Hi-Fi and MQA.

Moreover, Tidal users can explore over 60 million songs. To get the best music streaming experience, you require to subscribe to a plan.


Pandora for iOS

Do you want to stream music and podcasts on your iPhone or iPad? Then download Pandora today.

You can listen to various genres of music like country, pop, rock, etc. Subscribe to Pandora’s plans to get more features such as Pandora Premium and Pandora Plus.

Pandora Premium subscribers get to download music and listen when offline, with no ads when streaming music and high-quality audio.

Those who subscribe to Pandora Plus can listen to a maximum of four stations while offline, no ads while listening to music, limitless skips and replays, and many more features.

For new users, you get a month trial period before choosing your plan. Pandora Premium costs $12.99, while Plus costs $4.99.

Amazon Music

Amazon Music
Amazon Music

Listen to unlimited songs from top global artists with Amazon Music. The streaming app has over 60 million songs.

However, to listen to the best music, you need to choose a plan. Subscribing to a subscription enables you to listen to music when offline, with no ads, limitless skips, and HD audio.


As a music fan streaming the best music on your iOS device is what you want. So, choose the app that you like and go to App Store and download it today.

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