Best Antivirus for All iOS Devices

Protect iOS devices from malware attacks by installing powerful antivirus applications.

Many people tend to think that iOS devices are immune to malware attacks. That’s not the case. As gadgets are not secure.

To avoid security issues, your iOS gadget requires to have an antivirus app.

With an antivirus application, you can know if the phone has viruses. Also helps you discover insecure wi-fi networks or phishing websites.

For your information, do not install any antivirus on an iOS device. Some antivirus apps are malicious and have the intent to steal your information.

Today you will get to know the safest and top Antivirus for iOS.

Top 5 iOS Antivirus in 2020

Lookout for iOS

Lookout Mobile Security for iOS
Lookout Mobile Security

To get top security features, consider downloading Lookout for iOS. The application is free to download on the App Store.



  • Losing or phone theft is on the rise. Lookout enables you to curb such situations. The app has a tracking capability when your phone is either lost or stolen.

Secure Browsing

  • There are many insecure websites. Once you open them, they can steal your personal information. Lookout guards you against such sites.

Safe Networks

  • Not all wi-fi networks are secure, mainly free ones. With Lookout, you will receive notifications when you connect to a doubtful wi-fi.

Other Features

  • Identity theft protection
  • Social media watch
  • Lost wallet recovery

To get additional security features, you will have to subscribe to a plan.

McAfee Mobile Security

McAfee Mobile Security for iOS
McAfee Mobile Security

Protecting personal information is essential, and that is why you need McAfee Mobile Security.


Media Vault

  • With the media vault, you can hide photos and videos you consider personal.

Anti-Theft Protection

  • Never worry again when you lose your phone. With McAfee, you can track a stolen or lost device.

Backup Contact

  • No one can memorize all contact. That’s why McAfee gives you an option to backup all your contacts.

System Security Scan

  • Devices free from threats is all you need. McAfee informs you when your wi-fi network is insecure or need to update the iOS version.

These are not the only features to get more features. Visit McAfee to choose your appropriate plan and learn more.

Avira Mobile Security

Avira for iOS

For the last three decades, Avira has been providing its customers with top-notch security features.


Recover Lost Device

  • Avira helps you to recover a lost iOS device.

Backup Contacts

  • With this Antivirus, you can backup all your contacts on Dropbox, Google Drive, or email.

Secure Browsing

  • Online banking and shopping are current trends. Protect your data from cyber-criminals by installing this antivirus.

Identity Protection

  • Users get to know if their email addresses are safe or not.

Go to the App Store and download Avira Mobile Security today.

Avast Security & Privacy

Avast Security & Privacy for iOS

It has over four hundred million users. Protect your iOS device from threats by download this application from the App store.


Scan for Threats

  • The antivirus enables users to scan for viruses and other threats.

Wi-fi Security

  • Receive instant warning about unsafe wi-fi networks.

Phishing Websites

  • The app protects you against malicious websites.

Other Features

  • VPN protection
  • Identity protection
  • Vault

Norton Mobile Security

Norton Antivirus for iOS
Norton Antivirus

Secure your iOS device with Norton Mobile Security.


Wi-fi Security

  • Be protected from unsecured wi-fi networks. Norton scans all wi-fi networks that you connect.

Website Protection

  • The Antivirus protects users from opening fraudulent websites that might steal their information.

Device Security

  • Receive updates notification your iOS version, and it protects your phone from hackers.

Visit Norton to learn more about this Antivirus.


Go to App Store and download your preferred Antivirus. Don’t take any chances to protect your iPhone or iPad today with these top antivirus applications for iOS. 

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