Best Photo Editing Apps For iOS to Tweak Your Pics For Instagram

Image editing is a serious business these days. With the buzz around feed maintenance on Instagram and other social media handles, people do not just want to post pictures. So, if you are someone with an interest in adventure and photography, it’s time to tweak up your Instagram feed with these brilliant photo editing apps for iOS.

  • Snapseed- if you have the slightest of interest in photography or image editing, we bet you must have heard the name of Snapseed. It is one of the most popular apps available for iOS users and blesses your pictures with a plethora of enhancing effects and features. Trying each and every filter and effect of the app is in itself a Disneyland for the editors. The tonal contrast, portrait, and perspective adjustment effects will make your image stand at par with that of Sam Kolder’s feed!


In addition to the effects, you can also add text to your pictures in different fonts which makes it great for creating YouTube thumbnails too. Whether you are an amateur or a pro at clicking and editing pictures, Snapseed will not disappoint you.

  • Darkroom- one of the best pairings was that of darkroom and iOS devices. The clean lens of apple devices when clubbed with the powerful edits of Darkroom, certainly makes for a tough force to crack! The integration of darkroom with the photo library of iCloud gives it an edge over its competitors since you do not even have to import your photos manually. For professional editors, this is fair trade as it eases their workflow.The meticulous selection of editing tools and filters is also what sets the app apart. Apart from basic editings like cropping and rotation, you can also customize the perspective and the aspect ratio. Moreover, the adjustment slider associated with each filter adds precision to the hues.
  • Adobe Lightroom CC- if you have already mastered the beginner level applications for image editing and could use a challenge, do try this app. From one-tap pre-sets for super quick edits to advanced tools for editing including color curves and color mix, Lightroom has it all that can turn your basic Instagram feed into a pop of colors.


The creative cloud of adobe syncs perfectly with the iOS devices like iPad, iPhone, Mac, etc. to ease you through the workflow. The app has a free version and a paid subscription for other advanced features. From basic adjustments like exposure, vignette, color, which enhance the natural colors on your picture, the app also offers ultimate editing tools for a professional quality image. Using curves, split tone, color mix, etc., you can take charge of the mood and texture of the image as per your preference.

  • VSCO- if you are a fan of cinematic touches to your pictures, then VSCO is the perfect app for you. The app has a free version and a subscription but doesn’t get jittery because most filters are offered under the free version itself. The app even has an in-built camera which helps you to take pictures on the spot and edit it for posting immediately.


The app offers a wide selection of filters and image correctors. You can choose to bring down or tweak the brightness, tone, mood, contrast, and saturation of specific sections of your pictures. Most of the filters are subtle which do not make your pictures look fake. Moreover, you can also adjust the strength of the filters for the desired effect. If you wish to dig deeper, just buy an annual subscription to get access to an advanced collection of 130 filters and HSL.


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