Best Survival Games For iOS (iPhone & iPad)

Survival games are one of the best ways to get a hit of adrenaline while sitting on your couch. In recent times, when the world is recuperating from a major setback and everyone is contributing their part by sitting at home, why not make it worthwhile by exploring some amazing survival games for iOS! Feel like a hero, in reality as well as in the virtual world.

Radiation Island

Radiation Island

How would you respond if we desert you on an island which is haunted by deadly radiations and dangerous predators? Well, if affirmative is your response, this game was basically designed for you. A one of the kind, open-world survival challenge is what this game promises. The setting is in a parallel universe that has its own rules and regulations.

The central character will have to fight multiple enemies, some are created by a man while others by nature. Kill the zombies and save yourself from getting bitten by them, fight off the wild animals who are there to eat the flesh out of you, and survive a dangerous environment that is not at all fit for any life.

The game has stellar graphics and won’t burn a hole in your pocket since it is easy to afford. It is primarily a single-player game but as you progress in the game, you shall be able to unlock multiple treats and also invite your friends for a survival challenge.

Last day on earth: survival

Last day on earth

Till now, the term apocalypse is not something we hear only in movies. Especially after the trying times such as now, most of us have already learned the art of surviving amidst an apocalypse. Well, the game only takes it a notch higher in the virtual world.

Hear out the premise and decide for yourself. An infection of unknown origin which destroys the human race; well almost destroys for you and a few others are the last man standing who can save the world. Survival is the key to restoring the balance on the planet. Hunt for food and water and collect as many weapons as you can. Why? Because the infection has also turned dead people into zombies!

The game keeps you on the edge of your seat and also allows you to explore the last of the realms. Besides, survival is not the only question here but what is the price you are willing to pay is something that matters.

Dead trigger 2

Dead trigger 2

If shooting games are what give you the chills, then here is a perfect match for you. The dead trigger 2 is one of the most coveted shooting games and has also received laurels for being the best FPS shooting game.

The game revolves around the ultimate war for survival between you and zombies. The zombies have taken over the world and are coming towards you in flocks. But wait, how do you stop them? Well, the game has a plethora of ways through which you can get an upper hand over these deadly creatures who are after your life. Collect all the weapons and wipe off these zombies to win the war.

It is a first-person shooting game which means that the camera angle is extremely robust and always on the move, something which adds to the overall thrill of the game. A complete range of weapons awaits you which include handguns, shotguns, crossbows, etc.

So, these were some of the most preferred survival games that enjoy widespread popularity among masses. Play all of them and challenge yourself for a tryst with death in the virtual world.


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