Must-Have iOS Apps for Travelers

As you plan to travel, there are essential iOS apps that you must have.

When traveling to a new region, there are many things you require, such as your passport, clothes, camera, and smartphone. However, your phone is vital as it helps you communicate and search for information in real-time.

Other than that, these iOS applications will help you track your movement and save on cost.

To make your traveling time easy, here are the iOS apps you should install.

8 iOS Apps for Travelers

TripAdvisor Hotels & Vacation



Planning is vital when you want to travel to a new region. You need to know about the best places to visit, where to stay, and where to eat. That’s where TripAdvisor comes to help you. The app has hotels, flight, things to do, and all traveling requirements reviews.

Other than that, it has a planning tool. Moreover, you can compare prices and find deals in over two hundred global websites. In case you want to modify or cancel your tour, TripAdvisor gives that ability.

These are some of the features it has; there are more. Lastly, use it to plan your travel as it’s simple and free for use.

Google Maps

Finding the right direction is vital as a traveler. Remember, you are new to a region, and routes might be a challenge. That’s why you need to install Google Maps. It gives you the ability to find directions fast and easy.

The application works in more than two hundred and twenty countries globally and has millions of places and businesses. With Google Maps, you find a quick route based the following occurrences:

  • Road closure
  • Live traffic
  • Incidents

It enables you to reach your destination quickly. The application can work with or without the use of an internet connection.

XE Currency

XE Currency for iOS

XE Currency

Currency exchange is a problem for many travelers. That’s why you should have an application that helps you when converting your money to avoid fraud. XE Currency provides you with the latest exchange rates.

This application has been in existence for more than ten years, and most of its users recommend it. Apart from currency conversion, you can also transfer money worldwide.

Google Translate

Language can be a barrier when you travel to a country that doesn’t speak your native language. But let dialect hinder you from touring as now Google Translate is here for you.

The app gives you the ability to translate more than one hundred languages through typing. In case you don’t have an internet connection, you can successfully translate fifty-nine dialects.

You can activate the microphone, and the app translates as you speak. Furthermore, it can use the camera or upload photos.


Due to geo-location restrictions, some websites cannot be accessed in some regions. But with a virtual private network, you can by-pass the restrictions and visit the website without security issues.

Hence, the best iOS VPN is NordVPN. It is free, fast, and secure. This VPN has more than 5,300 servers globally. Therefore, don’t worry about your location. Additionally, with one account, it can be used in more than six gadgets. Hence, when you are with friends, you can share one account and browser comfortably.

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Facebook is one of the top communication apps globally. With the application, you can communicate with friends and family. Also, it gives you a platform to find friends in the location you are traveling to before your tour.

The app also gives an update to all your users, indicating your current location when you post. During your journey, ensure you use Facebook.

Other recommended communications apps include; WhatsApp, Skype, and Google Hangouts.


It can be tedious when you travel with a child. They would want to play or enjoy themselves. But for an adult, you might be stressed to find the perfect place for your child. However, let that be a thing of the past.

Yuggler is an iOS app that gives you the ability to discover fun places you and your child can visit and enjoy yourselves.

First Aid – IFRC

First Aid for iOS

First Aid

Health is of utmost importance, and you don’t need to be a professional to perform first aid. Even if you are not familiar with first aid, you can use the application to save lives while on your tour.

It can be accessed in different languages and countries with either the Red Cross or Red Crescent.


When you travel, you don’t know what will happen; that’s why, as an iOS user, these applications will come in handy. Go to App Store and download these applications as you plan to travel.

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