Top Rated VR Games for iOS

Virtual reality is redefining gaming and entertainment for people in every possible way. In fact, so much so that it becomes a responsibility to inform you that once you are lost in the world of virtual reality, it becomes hard to shift back to regular gaming. So, if you are a sucker for VR games, we have got some of the best picks for iOS.

InMind VR

InMind VR

If sci-fi movies were what you binged on since your childhood and seeing a person turning into the giant beanstalk or shrink in size as your favorite, then this VR game shall not disappoint you at all. The game revolves around helping a patient who is at the mercy of a doctor who is incapable of doing his job.

Now, you have to treat the patient but wait, allow us to introduce you to the best part of the game. You shrink in size and are put inside the brain of the patient where you are required to perform certain tasks.

The graphics of the game are super-cool and the very image of traveling inside the brain of the person is enough to get you excited.

Zombie shooter

Zombie shooter

Shooting games always push you to the edge of your seat. Whether you are playing them on your phones, laptops, or play stations. Add a few deadly zombies to it and you have got all the ingredients for the ultimate thriller game! However, this was not the end of it because you can totally feel the adrenaline rushing through your veins by playing this game on VR.

Zombie shooter is one of the highly preferred games on VR because of its lifelike graphics and the thrill of the chase! No doubt the gameplay is fairly easy to understand but do not make the mistake of thinking this is going to be a cakewalk!

So, if series like ‘the walking dead’ has always been on top of your binge list, go and try this game to live the life of a zombie hunter in virtual reality.



Another one of a kind game, this one is entirely different from the typical games you play on VR. It is more like a fun workshop for you where you can speak your heart out without the slightest hesitation of being judged. The game is designed keeping in mind the people who find it difficult to speak in public.

The premise of the game is that it presents you with multiple scenarios where you are the central character and are required to speak. It can be a business meeting, a class presentation, or even a job interview. The graphics are quite real and the app also includes real people from the real world. Once you are done speaking, your performance is assessed by the app and adequate feedback is also sent.


If you thrive on Goosebumps and wait for scary Fridays, then this game is for you. Imagine walking into a dark room and experiencing a piano playing a creepy tune while someone jumps out of the closet!

The game has everything that you can think of in a house of horrors- scary lights, antique setting, and diabolic music playing in the background. If this still does not sound scary to you, then imagine all of this happening in VR where you feel like you are trapped inside the house. The game offers a unique cinematic experience and is certainly not for the faint-hearted. It is one of those games which allows you to make the most of your VR box!

So, these were our top picks for an amazing experience on your newly acquired VR box. Happy gaming!

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