Best Video Editors for Mac to Use in 2020

Hello friends! Today you are going to learn about top video editors for Mac in 2020.

Mac has been a preferable device when it comes to video editing. However, creating a film or music video requires the use of a video editor. So, which video editing apps are recommended for use in Mac?

In this guide, you will learn about free and paid video editors for Mac. They will help you produce high-quality videos hence marketing your work.

Whether you are a newbie or a professional, then here is a list of video editors you should be using on Mac.

Free Video Editors for Mac

The following are video editing apps you can download and use for free. Furthermore, all these tools don’t have watermarks or branding when you save your work.

Here are the free video editors for Mac.

Davinci Resolve 16

Davinci Resolve 16. Video Editors for Mac
Davinci Resolve 16

Among all free video editors, Davinci Resolve is highly advanced and proficient. Whether you always create films and other video contents, this is the software you should use.

Therefore, if you are a professional video editor, Davinci Resolve is for you. However, for all novices, you need to take time to learn how to use this app.

Before you download this software, ensure that your Mac has a minimum graphic storage of 4GB. The RAM should be 16GB and above, a 10.14.6 macOS version or above, and a minimum screen resolution of 1440 x 900.

So, if it has all these, go to the Mac App Store and download it for free.


Whether you are creating a music video, movie, or a trailer, then iMovie is the best choice. Go to Mac Store to download it for free. In some macOS devices, it is pre-installed.

Therefore, when you want to produce videos of high-standards, e.g., Hollywood quality, then make use of this video editor.

It is easy for use for all, no matter your skill level. All you need is to select the video you want to edit and start immediately.

The only issue with iMovie is that it doesn’t support other video formats other than the wide-screen video format.

 iMovie is best for newbies in the video editing industry.

HitFilm Express

HitFilm Express for Mac
HitFilm Express

Currently, over five million filmmakers and content creators are using HitFilm Express to edit their videos. Why not join them today.

This software is free to download and use. If you are a beginner or an intermediate in this sector, then using HitFilm Express can be your best choice. It has many effects, unlike iMovie.

Moreover, you can purchase additional effects and features or subscribe to the pro version. Also, before you get using it, you get free video tutorials and projects for new HitFilm Express users.

To get pro effects and features, you need to use a paid video editor for Mac. Here are the best paid Mac video editors.


There is power in working as a team. That’s what WeVideo offers to you. It is a cloud-based video editor, which means you don’t need to install the app on your Mac. However, you have the option to download.

All you need is a good internet connection to upload a video. Furthermore, there are four subscription plans they include;

  • The power 
  • Unlimited
  • Professional
  • Business plans

Make video editing fun, fast, and specialized by using WeVideo.


As a beginner or intermediate video editor, Filmora9 is the best-paid video editing software. Filmora9 is fast when it comes to video editing.

It works well in old and new macOS versions. Thus, don’t worry about compatibility issues, even if you have an old Mac.

One of the coolest things about Filmora9 is the plans. You can buy a lifetime, annual, or unlimited plan.

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro
Adobe Premiere Pro

Do you want to edit videos like a pro? Then you need to make use of Adobe Premiere Pro. It helps foster creativity during video editing. Additionally, it works with all types of cameras, various video formats, and on different platforms.

Currently, top video editors use this tool in video editing. So, as an expert, use this app. It has all features and effects a video editor requires.

Final Cut Pro X

The last paid video editing software is the Final Cut Pro X. The software uses the new metal engine making editing fast and enables you to work on complex video projects.

The thing that makes it compatible with macOS is that Apple is the developer of both the software and hardware.

To use Final Cut Pro X, you must pay $299.99. It is a one-time fee.


There are many video editing applications for Mac. However, those listed in this guide are the best for use. Make sure you please your customers by using any of these tools. Therefore, before downloading a video editing software, make sure it suits your skill level.

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