Best VPN for Mac to Use in 2020

Enhance your browsing security on Mac using a virtual private network service (VPN). In this time and day, there are many threats online that are preying on personal information such as financial detail. That’s why a VPN for Mac is essential.

Other than securing your browsing time. VPNs also ensure that you by-pass geo-locked websites. However, there are numerous virtual private networks for Mac. Not all work perfectly, but today I’ll pick top VPNs for Mac.

Make sure you prioritize your online security as you widely use it for daily activities with one of these Mac VPNs.

6 Top VPN for Mac to Use in 2020


NordVPN for Mac


Using double VPN technology, NordVPN is the best pick virtual private network for Mac today. It ensures your browsing data is encrypted securely. NordVPN is easy to use. Once you download and install it, you require to purchase a plan to start using this VPN.

Furthermore, it has a 30-day free trial. You can choose from these plans.

  • Bi-Annually – $3.49 per month
  • Annually – $6.99 per month
  • Monthly subscription – $11.95

NordVPN has servers in fifty-nine countries globally. It doesn’t have speed limits, and hence the browsing speed is fast. The VPN makes use of kill switch technology to ensure no sensitive information is lost to cybercriminals.

Download NordVPN today for secure browsing time.


Do you want to stream video or music from top global platforms like Spotify, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, or Netflix? Then ensure that ExpressVPN is installed in your Mac. Setting and using this VPN is easy.

But you need to subscribe to a plan to access all its features. ExpressVPN is fast and secure, and its servers are found in more than one hundred and sixty locations in ninety-four countries. You can use a browser extension in either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.

ExpressVPN is compatible with macOS version 10.10 to 10.15.

CyberGhost VPN for Mac

CyberGhost for Mac


CyberGhost boasts of having more than 6,200 servers in one hundred and twenty locations in over eighty-eight countries worldwide. That enables users to connect fast and enjoy crazy fast speeds. Furthermore, it allows users to stream more than thirty-five popular services such as HBO NOW, Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, etc. no matter their location.

It has an easy to use UI hence connecting to a server requires one-click. File sharing is secure when using CyberGhost because it has DNS leak protection. Nonetheless, with all these powerful features, it lacks additional privacy features.


Are you having issues using other VPNs for Mac? Then ProtonVPN is here to provide you with secure browsing. Download and log in to your ProtonVPN account. If you don’t possess an account, it’s easy to create and purchase a plan.

For better performance, ProtonVPN uses the modern IKEv2 protocol. Additionally, to guard you against data leak, this service has a kill switch. Connecting or changing servers is easy as the user interface is easy to navigate.

ProtonVPN has slightly slow speeds compared to other virtual private network services. Moreover, it has a few servers globally.




Protect your data as you connect to the internet using IPVanish. This VPN has 1,400 servers in seventy-five locations globally. To ensure that users’ privacy, IPVanish has doesn’t record any browsing history or IP address.

On occasions when the VPN connection is lost, IPVanish blocks internet connection using a kill switch till the link is reinstated. For those who download music videos or films online, then this is the best VPN to use as it has fast download speeds.

Here are its subscription plans.

  • Annually – $62.4
  • Three months – $21.6
  • Monthly – $8


Surfshark VPN for Mac


Most users prefer an affordable virtual private network. But imagine getting a cheap and secure VPN. Yes, that’s what Surfshark offers to all their users.

Surfshark has more than 1,700 servers in 63 countries on six continents. Thus, assuring users that to expect high upload and download speed. Other than your Mac, you can use your Surfshark account in all your devices as it doesn’t limit the number of gadgets.

Additionally, your online activity is not recorded; hence no one can know your exact location.

The following are Surfshark plans.

  • Monthly – $11.95
  • Annually – $5.99 per month
  • Bi-Annually – $1.99 per month


Connecting to a public wi-fi or an insecure network, you require a VPN. That way, you will protect your online activity. Choose any of these VPNs for Mac and secure your internet connection today.

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