How to Change Default Web Browser on Mac

There are many reasons why users want to change the default web browser on Mac. But that’s not what I’m going to inform you today.

Instead, I will cover on the ways to change the default web browser on Mac. For years macOS devices use Safari as the primary browser.

But users are not limited to Safari. They can choose other browsers such as Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome as default web browsers.

Ways to Change Default Browser on Mac

Before you get to know about changing the default browser, you must download and install another web browser on Mac.

Change Using System Preferences

To make Chrome or Firefox the default browser you can use System Preferences. Here is how you can perform the process.

  • Open System Preferences by clicking the Apple icon and select System Preferences
  • Or down on the dock. Lastly, click Command + Spacebar and type System Preferences
  • Next click on General
  • Scroll down to Default web browser
Default web browser on Mac
Default Web Browser
  • Click on Safari and other options will appear
  • Choose the browser of your choice

That way, you are done and chosen another default web browser.

NB: For those using macOS X Mavericks or earlier versions here is how you can change your default browser.

  • Open Safari, click Menu, and select preferences
  • On the General tab and select the browser you want
  • Close the preferences and close Safari

Through the Browser

Other than using System Preferences, there is another way to change your default browser.

It is through your preferred browser.

But before that, if you open another browser which does not default a notification will pop-up. It will inform you to make it the default browser.

Change web browser
Change Default Web Browser

Here are ways to change default browser via the browser.

On Google Chrome

  • Open Google Chrome and select Menu
  • Click Preferences and scroll down to default browser
  • Then select make default

Then a notification will pop-up and click Use Chrome

On Mozilla Firefox.

  • Open Mozilla Firefox and click on Menu
  • Select Preferences
  • Click on General

On the General tab, you will see this notice. “Firefox is not your default browser.

  • Now click on “Make Firefox My Default Browser.”
  • Then a notification will pop-up and click Use Mozilla.

Using these steps, you will have made either Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox your default browser on Mac.

How to Speed-up a Web Browser

In some instances, change of the default browser on Mac is due to low loading speeds. But how can you solve such a situation?

Here are ways to speed up your web browser on Mac.

Delete Cache and Cookies

  • Browsers store data in the cache memory to ease browsing. Also, it helps the browser remember your details when you sign in to the same website. However, that may affect the speed of the browser. So, delete all cache and cookie on the browser.

Remove Extensions

  • You may have many extensions installed on your browser although they are helpful. They will be slowing down your browsing speed. Therefore, remove unused extensions to improving the loading speed.

Uninstalling and Re-installing the Browser

  • To bring back a browser to its normal state cannot be done through the removal of extensions and deleting cache and cookies. However, you can uninstall and re-install the browser to help increase the loading time.

Checking for Updates

  • Browsers don’t inform you when new updates are released. However, you can check for new updates regularly. That way, you will keep your browser fast.
  • For example, if you are using Google Chrome. Go to settings and click About to check whether it is up to date.

Open Few Tabs

  • Always open few tabs when browsing. That way, you will make your browser fast.


Thanks for reading. Carefully choose your default browser on Mac. That way, you will enjoy your browsing time. If you have any issues, please contact us, and you will receive assistance.

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