How to Uninstall Programs on Mac Fast and Easy

Is your Mac storage full? Then that might be due to the numerous applications you have installed. When it comes to applications, some are not so important. Thus, you require to uninstall them. So, today you will learn how to uninstall programs on Mac.

Here you will get to know various ways of uninstalling programs on macOS devices.

Note: These procedures work for apps you downloaded and installed from different sources

4 Ways to Uninstall Programs on Mac

The Trash Method

Here are steps to uninstall apps on Mac using this method.

  • On the Dock tap the Finder icon to open Finder
  • Then click Applications to open the Application folder
Mac Application Folder

Application Folder

  • Go through the programs and select the one you want to uninstall

NB: In case the application is in a folder. Open the folder and look for an uninstaller app. Go to the next step if you don’t find the uninstaller.

  • You can then drag and drop the program to the trash
  • Or click on the icon of the app and go to file (It is in the top-left corner)
  • Scroll down and select Move to Trash.
Uninstall Programs on Mac using the trash method

Move to Trash

  • After selecting the program, you can also press Command + Delete to move the program to the trash
  • Now select and hold the trash icon and two options will appear (Open and Empty Trash)
  • Select Empty Trash. That way you will have deleted the program from your macOS device

Note: This method works on apps from third party sources. To uninstall programs from the App Store, use the next method.

The Launchpad Method

Follow these steps to uninstall programs not only from the App Store but also from third-party sources.

  • Click the Launchpad icon to open and see the list of installed programs on your Mac
  • Go through the applications and find the one to be installed

Remember: You can select more than one program using this procedure

  • Then click and hold any program, and then the apps will start to wiggle, and some of the programs will have a circle with this sign (X).
  • Now choose the app to be uninstalled and tap on the sign (X)

By doing so, the application will be uninstalled from your Mac.

Note: Some programs will not have the sign (X), which means that the apps are part of the OS.

Use the Developers Uninstaller

Another method of uninstalling a program is by using its native uninstaller.

Note: Not all applications have their uninstallers.

  • Launch Finder and go to Applications
  • Open the Application’s folder
  • There are two folders (Open Uninstall ****** folder) as it contains the uninstaller
  • Input your Mac’s password and click OK to uninstall the program

NB: If you are not familiar with this method. Please visit the developer’s website and learn how to uninstall the application using the native uninstaller.

Use a Third-Party Uninstaller Application

The use of a third-party uninstaller application for Mac is fast, simple, and secure when you are removing a program on a macOS device.

Additionally, they ensure no file related to the uninstalled program remains in your Mac. Also, it is the best option for a program that doesn’t have their uninstallers.

So, the following are top third-party uninstallers for Mac.

App Cleaner and Uninstaller

  • To quickly remove the program on Mac App Cleaner and Uninstaller is a software you need to install on your macOS device today. Other than uninstalling, it also cleans your device.

IObit Uninstaller

  • Another top uninstaller for Mac is the IObit uninstaller. It ensures the app is deleted. Furthermore, the software makes sure your system runs smoothly and healthy.


New Mac users find it challenging to uninstall programs successfully. Additionally, other well-versed users also get challenges. Let it be the end or not happen to you. Please choose your preferred method and use it to uninstall the application fast and easy.

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