Must Try Free Games For Mac OS

Mac is the ultimate dream of most gadget lovers. Whether it is the sleek styling or the smooth functioning, mac never leaves any stone unturned to impress its users. Gaming on a Mac is an out of world experience and contrary to the popular perception, you can avail this experience without having to spend a single dime! Yes, you heard us right. So, take note of these amazing games to play on mac without spending any money on acquiring them from the mac app store.




Well, the survival of the fittest has jumped out of Darwin’s school of thought and entered an unpredictable battle arena where there are no friends! Fortnite is loved by most games of present times for its action sequences, moves, and extremely real weapons.


The game is not simply a shooting based game and is far more evolved than that. You along with 99 other players will be left for survival in a dangerous arena with some resources at your disposal. Apart from being an excellent sniper, you need to be an equally competent strategist since the game also requires you to build fortifications for survival. The last man standing is the one who wins.

The game contains in-app purchases but we can assure you that you will not be forced to get into it. Every player gets access to the complete game but the one willing to pay will be given better costumes and personalized avatar.

Lord of the rings

Lord Of The Rings

The deadly dooms of Mordor are back to haunt the age of humans, elves, and dwarfs and the fate of the realm depends on a mystical ring! If you are a fan of the trilogy and have enjoyed the books and movies equally, do not spare yourself from trying out this game. Just like the lord of the rings trilogy rules the literature world and the movies rule the cinematic world, the lord of the rings game is one of the best MMO games available presently.

Similar to the MMO role-playing format, the player in this game assumes an avatar through which he interacts with various entities through the course of the game. There are multiple layers to this game which literally means that there is no end to the thrill this game shall give you. What more? You cannot put a price on it since the game is absolutely free of cost.

League of Legends

League Of Legends

Yet another brilliant game which is climbing high on charts of popularity is the league of legends. The game features titillating battles that can last somewhere between 20-60 minutes. Through the course of the battle, the champions fight to survive and win currency in the form of gold. This gold is then used to buy various items that grant special powers and abilities.

The only fear you must have while playing the game is that of being destroyed by other players because as far as the cost is concerned, the game has got you covered!

So, these were our top picks for the best free games for a guilt-free gaming session!

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