Burger King Breakfast & Lunch Timings

Burger King is a leading hamburger and fast food retail chain in the US, with restaurants spread across the world. Burger King receives about 11 million store visitors each day. One of its most common menus is the breakfast menu. Here, we tackle the Burger King Breakfast menu, the timing of the menu, and prices.

An Overview of BK Breakfast Menu

Burger King Breakfast menu started in 1970. As of 2018, BK has over 22 breakfast offerings. The breakfast menu is best served in the morning. Most BK’s are open by 6.30 am but if it is a 24/7 restaurant location, then you could the breakfast earlier. So, what’s in the breakfast menu?

The first item on the list is Burger King Sandwich. BK makes the sandwiches using biscuits, English muffin, or croissant.

Burger King Croissanwich
Burger King Croissanwich

Secondly, they have burritos, pancakes, French toast sticks, and oatmeal from which to choose. All these breakfast sets are on the regular BK breakfast menu or on the secret menu.

For the drinks, you will choose from BK’s drink menu. Drinks available include latte, hot chocolate, iced coffee, apple juice, milk, coffee, and chocolate milk. An alternative is the BK Breakfast Combo Meal which comprises a small coffee and some tiny Hash Brown nuggets. These nuggets are flat circles small in size that makes them crispy golden brown on both sides and less room for white potato at the middle.

Note: There could be more breakfast options, for example, for drinks, you may come across items such as drinking water, fountain drink, and orange juice.

Serving breakfast meals is in the form of sizes starting with small, medium, large, and the number of pieces. Pricing for the breakfast menu is between $1 and $1.89

Oatmeals are priced separately at $1.99 for both the original and the maple flavor options. Also, drinks are in the categories small, medium, and large. Burger King drinks menu prices range from $1 to $2.39.

Note: Not every breakfast option on Burger King is a healthy meal.

Moreover, you have the option to choose items such as starters, desserts, and soups. There is a time limit for when one could get the usual breakfast menu, which brings us to this next question.

Burger King BreakfastTimings
Burger King Breakfast Hashbrowns Coffee Biscuit Sandwich

What Time Does Burger King Stop Serving Breakfast?

The breakfast at Burger King starts at 6.30. Often, by 6 am, you could have breakfast in most Burger King Restaurants. The Burger King stops serving breakfast at around 10.30 am. Even though 10.30 AM is the standard breakfast stopping time, some restaurants may serve it for another 30 Minutes. Always call and confirm with the restaurant before visiting.

Note, Burger King offers you an all-day breakfast menu comprising croissants, a breakfast platter, muffins, hash browns, and French toast. The rest is packed up with a lunch menu. Let’s cover the basics of lunch in this next section.

This is a common industry practice although some restaurants like Taco Bell, have this extended to 11 am. If you’re asking why this is done, the answer is simple. It has to with the temperature griddles and space for warming. For example, lunch delicacies like sizzling burgers require higher temperatures, moreover more space.

Burger King Lunch Timings
Burger King Lunch Timings

When Does Burger King Serve Lunch?

Burger King restaurant starts serving lunch at 10.30 am. BK will switch from a breakfast menu to a lunch menu at 10:30 AM across all the BK restaurants. Note that most of the restaurants are taken up by franchisees. They may set their timelines for lunch, but across the board, you should have your lunch any time between 10 am, and 10.30 am.

The whopper is one of the most loved meals on the lunch menu. If you’re among the people who’d want the whopper as early as 8 am, you do not have to worry. Due to public demand, today BK has a “burger for breakfast” program served across most of its locations. A while back lunchtime menus by Burger King were available to customers at 6000 restaurant locations across the US.

Note, there could be more stores offering the same. Other meals common apart from the whopper for lunch are fries, fish, salads, sides, beef, and veggies.


Breakfast is a great way to start your day, especially when you take the right breakfast from Burger King.  To know about the timing of breakfast, the menu, and the prices at Burger King, above are answers to that question. Have fun!

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