Burger King Coupons & Combo Offers

Burger King is one of the largest retail fast-food chains in the world. Occasionally the company has offers, coupons, and combo offers for its customers. Here are some of their offers you could take advantage of.

There are 3 ways you can get discounted food at Burger King; They are

  1. Direct Offers From Burger King – BK has different offers on different days for different Locations (Check your area BK offers on Website or on iPhone App or Android App).
  2. Free Food Via MyBKExperience Survey – Complete a two minute survey and get a Free Whopper Burger For Free
  3. Royal Perks – Get CROWN Point When You Order Via BK App

If you want to get regular discounts and rewards from Burger then order food at BK from their BK App. For every order you will get Royal Perks called CROWN POINTS. You can deedem these CROWN Points at any restaurant.


Burger King Offers

Burger King has 85+ offers for its customers. There are offers for new customers, kids, and return customers. Some of the significant offers are as follows:

1. New Users Free Whopper

Burger King New Users Free Whopper
Burger King New Users Free Whopper

This offer is available for newly registered app users. You get a free whopper sandwich, but with the condition that you purchase something as well.

2. Whopper Wednesday

This is a Wednesday-only offer. You get one flame-grilled whopper for purchasing a $2 Whopper on Burger King. This offer was available until 7th August 2020. If you do not get it, there are more offers.

3. Whopper for 2 Meal

This is a lunchtime offer that goes live at 11.30. For $8.99, you get two french fries-small, two flame-grilled whoppers, and two soft drinks.

4. Family Bundle

This one comes in sets of three. You get 3 Small fries, 3 Whoppers, and three Cheeseburgers for $12.99. This offer goes active from 10.30 am.

5. Ultimate Party Bundle

This is a considerable offer to feed four or more. For $20, you get two double Cheeseburgers, 2 OCS, 2 Whoppers, four small fries, two pairs of 10-piece chicken nuggets, and four low drinks.

6. Croissanwich For 2

This meal for two is hearty for $5. You get two coffees from BK cafe, 2 Croissanwiches, and 2 Hash Browns-small.

7. Snack Box

For $3, you get a small soft drink, one medium fries, a cheeseburger, and one 10-piece nugget.

8. Any Size Coffee

This is an exciting coffee deal. For $1, you get one coffee of any size.

There are more Burger King offers. For example, you buy anything for a discounted price using BK coupons, as discussed in the next sections.

Burger King Coupons

These coupons are available for those using the mobile app. To access coupons, go app menu, and select the offers tab.

There are 20+ exclusive offers. All you need to do is to click on any coupon whose deal you like, then select whether you need a restaurant order or a mobile order. So, what coupons should you expect?

Burger King Cafe Subscription
Burger King Cafe Subscription

1. BK Cafe Subscription Program

The BK Cafe Subscription Program coupon is available on the Burger King App. For a $5 monthly subscription, you a small fresh coffee on each day of that month.

2. BK Cafe Menu Item

Here you choose a beverage from BK cafe for a dollar. Options available for you include decaf coffee, iced mocha coffee, caramel frappe, iced vanilla coffee, mocha frappe, and typical coffee.

3. Whopper Junior Meal

Here, you get a junior whopper meal with value drinks and value fries. This offer is for two people. For $5, you get 2 Whopper Junior Sandwiches, 2 Small Soft Drinks, and 2 Small French Fries.

4. 10-Piece Chicken Nuggets

These chicken bites are available for $1.49 at Burger King.

Note: Coupons and the prices differ across Burger King locations. With an app wherever you are, there is a special coupon on the offers tab.

Apart from coupons, Burger King has combo offers. Watch more of this in this last section.

Visit https://www.bk.com/offers for the latest Burger King Coupon codes and Offers. You can also participate in MyBKExperience Survey at www.mybkexperience.com to win a free Whopper Burger.

Burger King vs. McDonalds

Burger King Combo Offers

Combo meals always come with value fries and drinks, usually small fries and small drinks. However, you could upgrade to medium drinks and chips for $0.69 and $1.20 for large.

Combo deals on the main comprise of dishes spread between $2.19 and 8.49.

Some combo offers include:

1. Whoppers

$6 Burger King Small Bacon king Combo Meal
$6 Burger King Small Bacon king Combo Meal

A standard whopper goes for $4.19, a whopper-meal for $6.49, a double whopper for $5.29, and a double whopper meal for $7.59. Another variation is a bacon and cheese whopper at $5.19 and a bacon and cheese whopper meal for $7.49. Lastly, you have a whopper junior going for $2.19 and the meal variation for $5.29.

2. Burger King

The Burger King itself sells for $5.29 and the Burger King meal for $6.39.

3. Chicken Sandwich

The original chicken sandwich goes for $4.09 and its meal for $6.49. Its Tendercrisp variant is priced at $4.99 and the meal variant at $7.49.

Other chicken-related foods on BK are 10-piece nuggets priced at $5.99, and limited-time chicken or buffalo chicken fries going for $2.99. The limited-time meal version costs $5.59.

An alternative is the limited-time flame-grilled chicken burger going for 3.89 and the meal variant for $5.99.

Other offers

For value menus, you’ll get smoky bacon Tendergrill or Tendercrisp limited time and the meal version at $5,99 and $8.49, respectively.

There are more values offers dominated by bacon cheeseburgers, onion rings, french fries, hamburgers, and chicken juniors, drinks, pies, cookies, and nuggets. The price range for this is between $1 and $2.29.

Lastly, there are sides, salads, desserts, coffees and iced teas, red fruit smoothies, kids menu, among others.


Burger King offers you an unlimited list of offers to choose from, starting the main menu to exclusive offers and value offers. You also have a chance to select from the coupon and combo offers. The above listed are a good start. Note that price could change depending on location, among other factors. Even so, all the best as you enjoy BK offers wherever you are.