Burger King Job Openings – How to get a Job at BK?

Burger King is the second-ranked fast-food burger chain in the world. The company usually offers opportunities for people to work for it. Here is a guide to getting a job at Burger King, starting with the application process.

Applying for Burger King Job

The job application process is straightforward, as follows:

Burger King Official Website Homepage
Burger King Official Website Homepage
  • Secondly, navigate to Careers at the footer of the website.
  • Then, click on Opportunities under Careers- You land on the job opportunities page.
Burger King Job Openings
Navigate down Burger King website, at footer go to Careers, click Opportunities

Here, you will see the range of in-restaurant jobs Burger King looks for most times.

  • Tap on each opportunity to know the one that works for you, its responsibilities, qualifications, and skills.
  • Now, scroll to the bottom of the Opportunities page and click on Find a Restaurant and Apply button.
Burger King Find A Restaurant and Apply Button
Click Find A Restaurant and Apply
  • Lastly, navigate to a prospected job and the location that works for you and apply.

Now you know how to go about the application process. However, you cannot apply if you do not see the kind of person the job targets. Some people ask how old one has to be work at Burger King. Let’s look at that in this next section.

Who Should Apply for Burger King Jobs?

Burger King has four leading job roles for you in case you wish to work in-restaurant. The posts are namely a Team Member, an Hourly Shift Coordinator, an Assistant Manager, and a Restaurant General Manager. These are people Burger King is usually looking for.

For starters, to work at Burger King, you need to be age 16 years and above. However, this depends on the role you play in the restaurant. Sixteen years is the minimum age for a Team Member. For three of the other roles listed, you have to be 18 years and above.

But this is not all that is required. Each of these jobs has its job descriptions and qualifications, which you must meet. The standard requirements are as follows.

  • You must be resilient. Here, you must be able to work in a very speedy environment. Also, be able to work for longer hours, weekends, and holidays.
  • Have excellent guest service skills. You will deal with people all the time from customers to guests at your restaurants. Therefore, you must have attractive people skills to interact with people more appropriately and professionally.
  • Good leadership skills. If not a team leader, any of the other three roles, you will be in charge of people and teams. Your ability to supervise those under you is essential. Burger King will want to know whether you have some experience in managing people.
  • Possess excellent management skills. The three top roles require that you have excellent management skills, namely operations, people, and accounting.

Burger King offers you the chance to work with them at any of their locations. Go to the respective websites in different countries, then go to their careers page. Find a job fitting your skills and description, apply for it, and wait for Burger King’s feedback. Hopefully, you get good feedback and start working immediately.